Friday, January 13, 2006

It's a pity that 13 days into this new year and this being the first post of year 2006 for me, I have to pen this biting piece. I do not want to start the new year this way but being a friend, I have no choice.
If you are lost after the first few lines, let me tell these faithful readers of my blog out there that my entry today would be quite hateful, biting, sacarstic and downright heinous. I warn those under 18 of the content that I am about to put up today.
I am doing this all because of a friend that I know since secondary school and she has been quite a good friend of mine. Knowing that she has faced such misery these past few days, I cannot lie low and watch her get humiliated by people that are of the lowest rungs of life.
My close friend, Nadia is now living a happy life. Nothing is short of breaking that happiness that she is currently having and admittedly I have never seen her so contented. After so much misery that she has gone through with her previous secondary school boyfriend, I thought she could at least now be moving in the right direction after shedding away the dead skin of the past.
But like those Hollywood horror flicks, the past catches up with her in the worst possible way. He previous boyfriend from hell is back. That devil unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you see it is also a know aquaintance of mine. Halim is his real name but he cons girls with his supposedly more 'Romeo' name called Nasrul.
The last I heard, Nasrul according to him had a more masculine sound to it and the name was also better sounding in the heat of passion when the girl shouts " NASRUL! show me the WAY!" I cannot comphrehend how that could possibly be any much better to his stinking reputation but anyway he also told me that his elder brothers go by that name as well. God knows how many innocent girls has been conned by that name.(Great Family Tradition).
Anyways, Nasrul, no, Halim, is a master liar. He cons the masses the same way as Hitler cons the Germans into believing that the Jews are responsible for all the misery. He is now back in Nadia's life to wreck havoc after she dramatically put an end to their failing relationship.
Like a jealous "green eye monster" from hell, he seeks again to use his lies to ruin people's opinions on Nadia. I am not sure what he gains from this pleasure of destroying lives but he has went about his job meticulously from blog to blog spewing his venom of hate. All the past indifferences were dug up and thrown online for the world to see.
Who goes around bitching about their ex girlfriends like this? This is a reflection of his cowardice and demonic nature. Instead of wishing his ex well, he goes up to her and pull the last rug that she is standing on and watch her fall while folding his arms and laughing by the side.
My message to Halim: Go get a life and stop wasting your time on Nadia because she will be unperturbed and your actions will only lead to unsolicited harassment. You are a police officer Halim. Please put some pride in that uniform and stop this Jekyll and Hyde behaviour in where you enforce order in the day and prey on innocent people at night. God knows how many other girls you have cheated using eye drops to create tears. You have obviously mastered the way into winning a girls heart and then destroying her completely. I sometimes wonder if that is your purpose in life. Its guys like you that put the whole species of mankind to shame because you create so much grief and misery and it in turns become a stereotype on us guys because girls will think all guys are like that. Halim, your actions are shambolic and downright despicable, if you have not realized and as a fellow guy I hope that I can hammer some senses into your warped brain.
Your irritating presence is like a fly buzzing non-stop at a person's face which refuses to go away no many how many times a person turn to chase it away with his hand. The fly would eventually be killed because the person would take something to swat it once the tolerance level has been breached. Halim, you are very close to being swat.
If this was America or Iraq, I would probably go over to Nadia's house now with a shotgun and shoot on sight if I see you anywhere near there.
Your power of words and conniving nature is best suited for another vocation. Stop abusing God's gift for the gab to you.
I write this piece in hope that you would somehow read it and also to show everyone how such a loser you are. Here on one hand you are getting engaged to Siti(I pity you girl), on the other you are still trying to create a hole in the hearts of many others.
You brainwash your wife-to-be to be on your side and declare a war true to the maxim "with or against us". I tell you Halim, I am against you and you are in my axis of evil.


Anonymous said...

Insightful, deep, extremely hilarious. I commend you for standing up for your friend.

As for this Halim friend of yours, I truly feel sorry for the liar he is, his wife-to-be and his future. Long live his family tradition.

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for someone to set up a anti-halim club...Been an ardent hater of his. I'm glad you spoke up for all the women he has destroyed.