Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Nadia and I have been friends for a long time. But for months(maybe years), we could not find the time to meet up. She lead her life and I lead mine. In between SAF came into the picture and drafted me to sit in some air con office to answer phone calls and nab crooks. It came to the point that we had to meet but somehow we just could not. Huh? What you mean? Let me explain.

For many times it was either Nadia or me who would initiate the meeting. First it was to gather everyone in our sec school clique. Then this guy busy with poly lah, that girl got BGR problems lah, another guy kena Pulau Tekong "shave head" treatment lah, another hooked with WOW(world of warcraft) and became withdrawn from the society etc etc. All could not make it. So we said screw them why dont we just gather those who are interested in meeting?

Sadly, those guys at the CMPB are working faster than us in calling the guys into Tekong and we hardly had any people left who were free. So I told Nadia, why don't I just meet you chill out catch up with old times. Just when we thought that organisation between two interested parties would be easy, think again.

One of us would not be free. Either I would be responding her sms in the midst of entertaining a tip off or she would be answering my call in a hospital queue. We just could not find the time to meet! It would be something like this:

Nadia: " What are you up to today?"
Me: " On duty sadly. "

Me: " Nadia, so today how? meeting still on?"
Nadia: " Aiyo , I still in the hospital waiting for a queue number!"

So we just continued with our lives till today. Nadia msn me whether I was free. I said I was. I had to settle something with my friend first then I could meet her. The conversation subsequently went on like this.

Nadia:" So where are you meeting your friend?"
Me: " Simei lor. I can go over to tampines later to meet you if you want."
Nadia: " So near. Can lah, meet for coffee or what."
Me: " I call you later again."

An hour and a half later, I called her. She agreed to meet but no mention of the destination was made. She said she would take a shower and call me back later. I said ok and that was it. A while later instead of calling, she sms me. She said she will meet me but had to leave after about an hour. I said fine I see you there.

So I walked out of my friend's place, turn left and walked to the bus stop for a bus ride to Tampines. God knows if she turned right and headed towards Simei. If she did( Nadia clarify this). This scene would be straight out from the chinese movie Turn Left Turn Right where two star crossed lovers kept missing each other as they would each turn left and right respectively when they leave their respective houses.

Yes, I ended up in Tampines and she ended up in Simei. How on earth this happened I do not know. Will of God? Fate? I do not know. We were both hysterical. There wasn't much time left and she had to rush off for another appointment. So we both agreed that Fate is the barrier between us. I told her about meeting on Monday. No date was stated. No destination confirmed. Deja vu?

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