Monday, August 01, 2005

After seeing all the inspirational posters regarding SAF, the common folk would have thought " Wow! SAF so efficient! Men are so garang!" Well, here is the reality. Men do complain alot but it just doesnt get published. So online blogs like mine carry complain letters.

Dear CAF (Chief of Air Force) MG LIM KC,

I am part of the Air Force marching contigent for NDP 2005 and have been burning numerous saturday to be DRILLED TO PERFECTION. I am very proud to be arrowed for this once a year event celebrating our Nation Independence although I was most unwilling in the beginning because I have to spend an entire Saturday morning to afternoon dedicated to the event. However, my base RSM have assured me that we will all feel very proud when we march at the Padang on the 9th of August. RSM say the feeling on the actual day is like having an Orgasm.... However, sir, it have never failed me to realise how damn "Buay Song" I am with the Rehearsal organizing committee! I have been to Nee Soon camp for don't know how many bloody saturday when we were told to get there early and ending up having to wait and wait and wait. Whats the bloody point of telling us to reach Paya Lebar Air Base at 10.30am to have a god damn early lunch, draw our SAR21 drill rifle at 11.00, take a private bus to Nee Soon camp and end up having to sit till out butt grow pimple before the actual parade rehearsal starts at 1.30 ~ 2pm? Everyone reach there at 12.30 leh...... so "Efficient". Rush to wait and wait to rush attitude again? Sir, actually can make the timing "zun zun" so that the moment we reach Nee Soon camp, we can immediately get DRILLED after 5min of rest. SAF must be a Efficient fighting force mah, simple thing like the timing should get it correct what? Otherwise we sit there lobo 1 hr not only waste our bloody weekend time but also tax payer money leh! I love to be DRILLED but I hate to wait man! Then hor, sir I want to highlight this very very big issue that is affecting the morale of the Air Force supporting contigent. We use to have comfortable private bus to fetch us from Paya Lebar Air Base to Nee Soon camp and vice versa. I remember on one of the rehearsal the Parade commander say that Singapore economy this year "Eat Grass" and NDP will have to cut budget but quality will be still there, I thought this is not my problem. Bloody Hell, the next few parade rehearsal we end up having old SBS bus picking us up! Sir, you never take public transport before (and never will) you never know how inadequte is the leg space on SBS Bus is. Our knees are literally pressing on the back of the seat in front of us, not to mention the SAR21 rifle taking away some of the leg space too. I think only Frodo or Yoda will find the seat comfortable. Man.... this not only affect morale but also affect our knee cap leh. Sir, I know you seldom or maybe have never been DRILLED in life but you must know our knee cap very precious one leh! Wait cannot march how? Somemore normal days still have to do Aircraft work leh. I think SAF should give the private bus company a chance lah.... nowadays government almost monopolise the transport market till private bus company "Pai Tan Jia", we should just give private bus a go. Win win situation mah, help them earn money and boost the economy and also help to boost our morale! Lastly ah Sir, I want to complain one last thing. After going through 2-3 round of parade rehearsal at Nee Soon camp, its time to go home. Ka ni na, we all very good for parade sharply but when its time to go home keep on dragging and dragging.....the bus keep on coming late...sometime have to wait Bloody 2 hrs long! Where got such thing one SIR? Its like lending money right? I lend you money, you return me prompylt than next time I will be willing to lend you again mah..... Don't keeo us back too late next time ok? Thank you sir for reading my letter. Jope you dont feel offended by the way I write cause I only diploma engineering and only a 2nd Sar- Germ. If I knew earlier on huh, I would have study very very very hard, go university, get an SAF scholarship and end up working with you up there with gold bar, gold crab and gold star. Maybe can even be Chief of Air Force leh... mai xiao xiao hor.... ha ha. All the best to your work

Your sincere, 2SG XXXXXX

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