Monday, January 17, 2005

So Singapore has finally won some silverware. Where were you when Singapore played Indonesia? No matter. The Lions did not disappoint and they finally delivered. When all the hype dies down, it is back to the quest for more glory.It is true. A great team wins tournaments but a great team does not make a powerful soccer nation. To make Singapore a team to be feared, this victory has to be worked on. The players and coaches must not be complacent and stop at this Tiger Cup. After all, this cup is just a friendly tournament. Yes, amongst all the furore and hype around this victory, let me bring you back to reality. Singapore did not win the World Cup or even the Asian Cup. Singapore only won the Tiger cup. A cup sponsored by a bunch of rich alcoholic coffers that have too much cash in hand and football in heart. A cup that bear no significance whatsoever to the football in Asia. After all this tournament is not a recognized by the Football Federation of Asia. That is why some Mymmar touts that despite being ban could still feature in the semi finals with Singapore.Anyway, it is time for Singapore to reevaluate their goals after this victory. Are they still going to gun for Goal 2010? Or are they going to take things easy and continue winning Tiger Cups. Singapore has won but they are far from playing champagne soccer. Their coach still has to shout his voice hoarse on the touchline. The defence, apart from Lionel Lewis, is still shaky. Subramani is retiring and Aide wants to leave the international scene on the high. Who's left? Baihakki? He needs more guidance and experience to fill the void left by Aide and Mani.Thus, Singapore still needs to get alot of work done. The foundations have been laid. The interest in Singapore football is back. Who knows, the S-League may garner more interest due to this victory.The players and officials must ensure that this victory is not a flash in the pan and that the fans must be kept sane by a series of international tournaments and victories. Let this not be the last time that Singapore fills 55000 in Kallang. I do not want to wait another decade for a full house in our beloved National Stadium again.

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