Friday, March 20, 2009

A Price Too Big For The Prawns?

We all love our crustaceans. The biggest and juiciest of them all fetches the highest prices. Hawkers are well aware of this fact. And they often charge a premium for their finest seafood. Which is why I am surprised that the issue of expensive prawns is even a newsworthy topic at all.
Sure, eight prawns for $239 is a premium. But these prawns are not the ordinary ones you find in your fried Hokkien mee. 
These prawns actually weigh 400grams and are 33cm in length. 
Now, if you are not sure how big that is, go take out your 30cm plastic ruler to determine the size for yourself.
Personally, I won't mind paying this much for such a rarity. 
Surely if I see a prawn of this size, I would expect to pay a price proportionate to its size.  
This is apparently not the case for a few American tourists.
Well, they brought the case up to STB and now the stall is suspended for 3 months and the worker banned from work for 1 year.
Seriously. All this for eight prawns? 

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