Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Hour That Did Not Help Earth

Conceived in Sydney in 2007 and introduced to the globe in 2009, the inventors of Earth Hour must be delighted with how their quirky campaign is spreading like wildfire . 

So delighted are they that they probably advertised their success on websites, sent out emails to praise the world's efforts and most damningly of all,  jet around in private planes to thank world leaders. 

Certainly, Earth Hour has raised awareness around the planet that our Mother Earth needs some saving. 

However, by merely shutting of the lights around major cities for an hour, it serves only to please the aesthetical beings amongst us. 

Honestly, how many people even care?

Every day, thousands of kilowatts are put to waste. The habit among big companies to leave their lights and computers running even after the last soul has left the office is downright ridiculous. Not to mention society as a whole, where people can't be bothered to off the tap while showering, throw plastic wrappers immediately after using and crush precious white sheets of paper after a misprint. 

These are actions that needs correcting. An hour dedicated to Earth is simply not enough to change our way of life. 

Man still have that selfish thinking that as long as we are not paying, we can just waste. 

A more applaudable effort will be to enforce punitive measures to curb such wastage. More campaigns to raise awareness about our environment is not only going to cost us more, it is also going to contribute further to the demise of our Earth. 

The sooner the world recognizes the ineffectiveness of Earth Hour, the higher chance we humans have of not living in a furnace. 

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