Sunday, February 22, 2009

It was over before I knew it...

As cliche as it sounds, time really flies. It just seemed like yesterday when I was worried that I will never see the light of a proper newsroom because HR was just so inept in processing my application.

In a blink of an eye, it is February. And what I have now is a hatful of fond memories and wonderful friends. This internship at TNP had really been something. 

Never did I expect to write so much and do so much in just a short two months. Compared to my previous internship at HDB, my productivity level at TNP was miles ahead. 

No offense to HDB but my internship experience there last year was nothing similar to the one this year.

At HDB, I was looking forward to long kopi breaks, lunch and more kopi breaks. But at TNP, I hardly took a break. 

Sure I have the privilege of reporting to work at 10.30 but once I was at work, it was nothing but well, work. 

This is the wonder of a non-desk bound job. You are out everyday, running about, talking to people, getting quotes, taking pictures, the day just passes so quickly.

When you are back at your desk, you have to furiously type out your story because it is due the next day and there is simply no way you can leave your work for tomorrow. 

I guess I am a person that needs to get out and meet people. A desk bound job was ironically just too tiring for me. 

The hours at a newsroom were long and often unpredictable. You often enter office without knowing what time you will actually leave.

So your life becomes your work. 

It may sound daunting to some. But really, this is just what working at a newsroom was all about.

The sense of achievement. The sense of excitement. The adrenaline rush. I read somewhere that working at a newsroom is for adrenaline junkies. That person was certainly not mis-quoted. 

If you want to be a reporter, you simply cannot afford to rest your laurels. Every minute you spend at your desk is a lost opportunity to see your name at the byline.

It was certainly an enjoyable two months for me. Let's just hope that I will have the opportunity to do it again.

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