Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Why PSP Simply Doesn't Appeal to Me

I must be missing something. 

Ever since I returned to Singapore, the fad of reading newspapers on trains and buses have dissipated. 

In its place is the Playstation Portable (PSP). 

Young and old, army personnel or not, across all genders, almost everyone has a unit. 

Except me. 

So while everyone is busy slaying monsters on their little handheld gear, I am busy fumbling around with my newspaper on train, trying hard to think of how to read it in a train packed with people. 

Somehow I don't see the joys of looking at a PSP and playing it to occupy myself on the public transport. 

I would rather do something more enriching like reading about the day's current affairs. 

I cannot fathom how anyone can be so engrossed playing that PSP

I asked my brother, who unsurprisingly has a unit, to let me try. I only found one game which I liked and it was Football Manager.

But I found that it paled in comparison with the version which I have on my PC. The controls were limited as there are only two buttons on the PSP. And there was less room for a proper interface. Instead what you will get is a contracted version which simply does not appeal to me. 

Of course I know everyone who is a gamer won't be playing Football Manager on the PSP. But well, I guess I am not much of a gamer and I play a very limited scope of games. 

I guess that is why I still rather read my paper on the train and buses than indulge in that sinful little device. 

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