Sunday, September 07, 2008

Why the Makeover

Regular readers of my blog will know that this blog has recently (yesterday) undergone a massive makeover. Gone is the cluttered green backdrop that so unceremoniously welcome my readers. I decided to go for a white and 'clean' look, with the text visible from a mile away. My feelings for my declining readership (apart from the fact that I blog less regularly now and people around the world are blogging less anyway) is due to my poor template. 

I decided that I should do a Straits Times (albeit without consulting Bain & Co) and revamp my whole site to increase readership. After doing a quick survey, I realize that people usually have short attention span on the internet. They would rather enter a site that will attract them at first sight. A site so utterly cluttered with words, a lack of pictures and long rambling essays will attract no one. 

Yet, I cannot remove the very essence that still keep my regular readers coming back- my biting and thoughtful essays. Hence, essays are still in for sure but it will no longer be so long and rambling and there will be efforts to keep it more reader-friendly. There will also be an effort to put in more pictures, although I am horribly deficient in this ability to do so. 

I hope everyone will continue to enjoy my site. This site has been with me since 2006. And it will be a waste to leave it rotting in the internet wastelands. So I decided that I should at least make an effort to occasionally give it an update. Of course, I hope that one day, I will be able to get paid for providing this crap. 

In the meantime, enough said. Enjoy.  

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