Monday, March 03, 2008


Today I am Damn Du Lan.

SomeBody Who is Such A Chee Bye Kia Borrowed $2.45 cents from me.

And he has not returned it yet.

Seriously I hope his Fucking wallet Lost.

I hope his whole Family die jialat jialat.

I hope when he have sex, his cock cannot stand.

I hope when he drive car, he buang,

I hope when he eat fishball, he choke,

I hope when he take exam, he fail,

I hope when he wear his new PUMAS, he slip and fall,

I hope when he kiss his gf, his gf complain he got bad breath,

I hope when he ever EAT MACCAS, he choke on the bone IN FILLET O FISH

I hope

I hope

I hope HE drowns in the river.


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