Saturday, December 22, 2007

SMU farce

Dec 22, 2007

SMU trio showed disrespect to national anthem

I ATTENDED Virtuoso 2007, an event organised by the Singapore Management University's Music Interactive Club
Firstly, I would like to congratulate the organising committee for a job well done. However, a segment in this event left me appalled.

This distasteful segment occurred during the group category, when a trio from the Singapore Management University (SMU) performed.

Before they started their song proper, they thought that it would be entertaining to dedicate a song in Malay for the non-Chinese audience who were attending this event.

What surprised me was the choice of the introductory song. The trio decided that they should belt out a distorted rendition of the Singapore national anthem.

I am a firm believer that we should treat our national anthem seriously. As citizens, we should learn to respect and honour it. Singing the national anthem is a solemn affair and it should not be approached in such a frivolous manner.

This choice of introduction worries me because, as tertiary students, they should know better than to possess such wilful disregard to the sacredness of our national anthem.

I am disappointed that such a wonderfully organised event had to be subjected to such blemish by three disrespectful Singaporean citizens.

I hope that action will be taken by SMU and that a repeat of such a disgraceful act can be avoided in the future.

Sing Keng Loon

-courtesy of Straits Times

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