Tuesday, August 28, 2007

To anyone that cares

Today is Tuesday. Two days into Week 6 and I feel that I have not shifted out of gear 1. Last semester, Week 6 would have already seen me submitted at least 2 essays. This semester has started slow for me. First, it started with me coming back a week late, then it continued with a lack of assignments due, online Gened courses and alot of issues in between.

Now, with about 3 weeks left before mid-semester break, I have three presentations to deal with and one essay(2,500 words) to submit. I have started on nothing. I don't know why I am not fretting out. Last semester I would have became a recluse and work on everything. This time around, I feel that I can achieve these feats in minimal time. I really need some motivation.
A trip to the art gallery in NSW today has resolved nothing. It was a complete bore. Those ceramics, Qurans, carpets and drawings. A private collection of very high quality but of little use to my course. Sometimes I wonder why I take Arts. After understanding how the Crusades came about, so what next? My friend's defection to commerce next year is not helping. The pool of Arts students are shrinking. I am sick and tired of people raising eyebrows at me when I tell them that I am doing an Arts degree. I am sick and tired of going to class everyday and arguing about things that doesn't come within 100KMs of affecting me. I am sick and tired of going to the library to prepare for my essay, just to find that the books that are needed are either missing or loan out.

Sometimes, I really hope that I can be somebody that is more conventional. A person that can actually suit the requirements of society. Why can others do maths while I can't? Why do I stare at numbers and suddenly my mind go blank? Why do words matter so much to me? If I was living in the middle of Arabia in the 11th century, I would be an asset. I could copy Qurans by hand for a living. Unfortunately, society has no use for me now. These days, its all about the money. An arts degree gets you nowhere.

Well, maybe it does. Only if you have a group of interested listeners (coerced or not) who wants to listen to what you say. Hands up, who wants to listen to tales about Arabia, multiculturalism and China? No, wait. Let me rephrase my question who DOES NOT WANT to listen? Ah, I now see each and everyone raising up their hands. Sad isn't it?

Maybe, maybe just one day, I would see the use to what I am doing now. Perhaps the day will never come. Then again, maybe Fred Hilmer's smartass idea of closing down the Arts and Social Science Faculty in UNSW will be the perfect plan.

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