Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is as commercialized as David Beckham's transfer move to the USA. Nowadays, there is so much money involved in Valentine's Day that Roman Abramovich(that Russian Chelsea Dude) would have been proud. There was once when I yearned for a Valentine's Day. I yearned for a chance to give an overly inflated rose to a special girl, I yearned to have a balloon which is pinkish and in the shape of a Mickey Mouse with the words 'kiss me' on it. However, all these fantasies vanished when I discovered that a stalk of rose and a simple 'kiss me' balloon is worth more than both my parents' pay combined on Valentine's Day.

I decided that nowadays, I shall not support the commercialization and globalization of a Day that was started in commemoration of two Christian Martyrs who went by the name of Valentine. Nobody remembers those two folks now. Youngsters just treat the day as something where they can go 'Eh, steady bor, lim pei got rose, got balloon, want to watch movie anot?'

Courtship isn't built on the foundations of Valentine's Day. You don't just treat your girlfriend well on that day. If you do, you are either heading for a breakup soon or your girlfriend is blind. Yet, there are many people who go out of their way specially on Feb 14 to make their girlfriend/boyfriend happy. I am not sure if their respective partners are happy pre- Feb 14 and post- Feb 14 but one thing for sure, couples of different shapes and sizes are out in sheer force on Valentine's Day.

I guess boyfriends like to demostrate the might of their wallet. They think that by buying an inflated price rose their girlfriend will love them more. Well, maybe. I used to think that way too till a girl took my pricey rose and snap it into two. I stared in horror and cried not for her but for my money. Suddenly, I realize that money can't buy everything. And money definately can't buy love. So, I don't understand what's with all those expensive Valentine's Day gifts and dinners?

When I walked along the streets yesterday, couples were clinging on to roses, teddy bears and gifts. One girl I saw was holding her teddy bear with the words 'Be my Valentine' so tightly that I thought the bear would have a 100 carat diamond inside. Guys would often walk with a sense of triumph as their happy, money grubbing girlfriends grab on their arms (not to forget the precious bear). Never for the rest of the year will you see scenes like these anymore. It's like couples reserve their affections only for Valentine's Day.

Now, wouldn't you find those couples' affections superficial? I like to think so. Unfortunately, Valentine's Day is fast becoming a necessity and not a rarity. Judging from all those lovey-dovey couples that I see walking along Orchard yesterday, I come to realize that Valentine's Day is no longer a day of true love for each other but a day when money is truly loved.

That will really make those two Christian Martyrs turn in their grave.

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