Sunday, October 15, 2006

Edwin's 23rd

Finally, the planning is over. The execution almost to perfection. The last week of endless planning, meetings and coordination finally paid off when the man of the moment, Edwin was sufficently surprised.

His birthday was on the thursday but we decided that we shall make the suspense more cruel with a surprise party the day after his birthday. So we spent a week deciding what to do for his party, the guest list, the food, the venue and of course the way in which he will be surprised. I am happy to be involved in this 'massive scale' planning that got everyone practically shagged out.

There was a diversion plan where we will get him out of the house till we got everything set up. I must say it was pretty successful. Thanks Julian and Lalaine for your hardwork. The sinful chocolate was worth it because it was for a good cause. You should have seen our brainstorming session for the diversion tactic. It was hilarious at best from chasing seagulls to locking him in the cupboard in baxter. The eventual plan to take him out for a chocolate feast ended up as the most feasible idea. Once again thanks to Julian and Lalaine for making it all possible.

Thanks also to Jasmine for making that remarkable fried rice. Other than whacking 20 pieces of spam out of the wok, the fried rice was an instant success. As demostrated by Kunrui who brought the remaining fried rice back to her college and it all disappeared before she had any, the fried rice had to be really good. Jasmine your mum will be proud.

The crew behind the popiah making session were also remarkable. Thanks to Nat, Kunnie, Julian(the host and master to the reciepe, myself, pamela and Wenchao. We have pictures to prove our hardwork!! The cutting of the carrots and Turnips took a damn long while and we were interrupted incessantly by Edwin calling! Kudos to everyone for pretending to be somewhere else! Who can forget all the coordination that we had to do just to go for Edwin's maccas treat? Like maciam some tactical movement in army! Haha. Its memorable.

The crew on friday last minute cooking also rocked. The frying of the popiah skin. Jasmine's fried rice. And yes, Natalie's cake, muffins and the almost eternal find for that spam in coles. Spam is Luncheon meat Nat. Not internet junk.

And yes, those people like Ling hui, Alex, Erin, Deirdre and Pam for all the chicken wings, lasagna, brownies and mcdonald nuggets respectively. Everything was nice and although we didn't enjoy the weal and woe of hardship in the kitchen, your additions to the menu was priceless.

Ok ok, this is beginning to sound like a star award show. Thank brother, cousin, mother and whatnot. It was a good surprise. And Edwin better appreciate it!! Hope this will be a good experience for everyone.

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