Monday, September 04, 2006

Distance in relationships.

Sometimes when you thought cupid had struck you successfully with his arrow, the aroma of love suddenly fades away without a warning. To replace it, a barrier called distance comes in. We just got back from a trip from Mudgee. It was a good road trip where beautiful scenery greeted us the moment we hit the road. But beneath this scenery laid a heart wrenching love story that is fuelled by this one word- distance.

I pity my friend. Not only because I am in the same predicament as him but because you don't see a more hardworking and committed guy in a relationship than him. He tries to make up the distance by his sheer determination and his ability to work tirelessly. His commitment is second to none.

But sometimes fate don't reward those who work hard for it. It's like chasing after a cheetah. No matter how hard you run, the cheetah will forever outrun you. You put two people that apparently share the same wavelength but due to different dreams and pursuits, love is the ultimate loser.

It shows that you need more than hardwork and chemistry to make love work. You need proximity as well. No matter how matured one is, the tinge of missing someone will always be too heavy a burden to carry. And surprisingly with all the advances of technology and globalization, something as primitive as an union between two individuals still remains the same. No amount of technology can replace the human to human interaction and affection. I guess, that is what makes us humans. The fact that we constantly need to be in the company of someone in the physical sense brings truth to the proverb, no man is an island.

Distance tarnishes relationships. Distance fuels speculation and distance ultimately creates a break up. The sensory experience of someone you love so close beside you is priceless and it is a fact that only seeing each other on a constant basis can a relationship really work out.

Some may argue that if a waiting time is stipulated like say 2 years, a relationship can still go on because there is something that you can look forward too. You can remind yourself psychologically that the pain of missing someone may be unbearable now but in 2 years, you can see your lover again and all these suffering will be worth it.

But whether or not the waiting time is stipulated, time spent apart from one and another is always a foundation for an eventual breakup. Men have tried so hard to close distance between the physical geography using technology but nothing can ever replace the need for regular physical contact to sustain a relationship.

I told my friend, perhaps if fate actually rewards hardwork, your path and hers may cross again. But in the meantime pray that this nemesis called distance will eventually not be an obstacle to love.

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