Saturday, July 08, 2006

Study Mama and Singapore's woes

I recoiled in horror as I read the news report that China study mamas are congregating outside their country's embassy in protest. My eyebrows lifted even higher when I realized that their aim for this protest is to urge their government in China to 'create' better jobs for them here in Singapore.

Now, now, now. Let's pause for a moment and think here.

Before you turn the page of the Straits Times today, ponder over this issue for a moment.

To be staging a protest in Singapore, it is already deemed to be disrupting the orderly image that this country is so proud of. But a group of study Mamas staging a protest for better jobs?

This is incorrigible. EVEN SINGAPOREANS DON'T STAGE A PROTEST OUTSIDE PARLIAMENT HOUSE DEMANDING FOR JOBS. The government are always quick to tell us. Singapore is a tiny red dot. We are susceptible to fluctuations of a world economy. We have to accept that jobs are often hard to come by when there is a depressed economy. And VERY importantly, we should accept any jobs that we can find with gratitude. After all, Singaporeans cannot afford to be choosy. Here in Singapore, there is no hinterland to fall back on and certainly no oil off the shore of Singapore to depend on.

Now, if Singaporeans have no right to be choosy, what makes those study mamas think that they have the right to it?

For those in the dark about what is the definition of study mamas, let me give you are brief description. Study mamas or Pei Du Mamas as they are known to the Singaporean Chinese community are mothers of young children who come to Singapore to study. They accompany these kids here as they are often too young to live alone. Thus, they find work as well to support these kids through school. Every single one of them are from China.

Alright back to Study mama's rights. Most of these study mamas now work menial jobs. Jobs like cleaners, masseuse, stall helpers etc etc. You get the picture. Often or not, these women try 'creative' means to increase their incomes. And 'creative' means sleazy and seductive roles as fake 'karang guni'(wait I will explain later) and chiefly,prostitutes.

Of course these women don't openly solicit for customers.( They are not your usual Geylang type ok). They have a wadrobe of disguises that will make even seasoned celebrities blush. And the latest being the 'Karang Guni' disguise. They pose as the rag and bone man to 'collect' newspapers from your doorstep but when they ring the doorbell, they reveal their cleavages and demand to sleep with you for a fee.

No doubt, these 'creative' jobs create an atmosphere of sleaze in Singapore. They put our moral fibre of society to a test, more often or not with the intention to rip it apart. With absolutely no right to compete with Singaporeans for jobs, they join the underground sex industry.

However, as if these study mamas have not created a list of problems long enough to get them deported back to their village in China, they are now PROTESTING outside their embassy. For those political bigwigs out there, they will have memories of how Chee Soon Juan was forcefully removed by the police when he tried to conduct a rally outside the Istana. Where are the police when the Study Mamas protest? What actions will be taken? I say deport every single on of them back.

I mean what kind of example are they are they setting for their kids? They come as mothers hoping that their company will allow their kids to eventually graduate and lead a better life but in the process of it all, these Study Mamas are actually resorting to immoral conduct to achieve it. How will their kids view them? Cheap whores or self-sacrificial and noble mothers?

Not to be racist or anything. But I believe that Singapore society ranks the study mamas as lowly as those Bangla workers who in their free time, attend parties and molest Singaporean girls.

Therein lies the problem with the fine folks down at the immigration. By allowing almost anyone into this people-starved Singapore, they have opened the floodgates for dubious characters to seek a life they so do not deserve. If their country don't want them why must Singapore take them?

We should run checks, double check and impose stringent rules on our migration policy. Study Mamas are here to accompany the kids to study. Their primary reason for their grant to stay is to accompany and NOT to work. We have to make this crystal clear. Impose a certain number hours of work that they are allowed to work. And note that these work that they attain are not for supporting their kids but just to kill time.

This case of study mamas protesting shows that these China women are exploiting our warm welcome to the fullest. From corrupting our social values with their cleavages to staging protests in our orderly country and to even complaining about their poor working conditions. All these have to stop. Period.

If they don't have enough money to send their kids abroad for studies then F*** off back to where they belong. Don't attempt to protest, seduce and prostitude yourself just to get your kid through school.

This entry is not to promote xenophobia. We Singaporeans still love foreigners. Just don't overstep your warm welcome with your corrupt values, arrogance and oh ya I forgot, talking loudly on the MRT with your F***ing Beijing accent.

Go back if you don't have cash.

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