Tuesday, July 25, 2006

School Starts

School started on Monday.Well, it has been sort of a new dawn for me as this is the first time I am attending school overseas. As compared to Singapore when you walk into the class, you know you are the majority race, you now walk into a class filled with people of different colours of hair.

So far, it has been lectures. There are no tutorials this week because this is the first week. Suddenly, after 2 and a half years, the life of rushing to and fro from lectures and tutorials are slowly coming back again.

I remembered taking my time to walk from class to class in JC but here, I have to practically run. This campus is so big that it is divided between lower and upper campus. I had one lesson in lower campus yesterday and the subsequent one in upper campus. After the first lecture finished, I practically ran. Up a few dozen flight of steps, up faculty buildings and eventually into a packed classroom.

This university is really good for regaining fitness. It is packed with stairs and ridiculous nooks and crannies where you have to maneuver to get to class. Lucky the weather was good. Given Singapore's humidity, students would have been half dead before coming to class.

The trick of this university is the place lectures everywhere. I am studying arts but I have lectures like in practically every faculty theatre. Unlike JC there are no fix location where lectures are of close proximity, hence the mad running around just to get to classes. And as I said, lucky the weather is good.

So anyway, I have a class coming up at 10am, some 40 minutes time. It isn't very far away and the weather is good again. Nice sun but I am convinced it will rain later. Good thing I have only one lesson today. Alright catch you guys online.

Got to run.

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