Thursday, July 20, 2006

First Day In Sydney

Hi guys,

Thanks everyone for seeing me off at the airport. Thanks for the effort to come. I am really pleased. Yesterday was my first day here. I attended a bloody orientation like 2 freaking hours after I landed. Only to be welcomed by a horde of 'ang mohs' clustering around the faculty office. Apparently all were students and I was minding my own business when this middle age chinese lady approached me.

On the pretext of asking me whether I was here for the orientation, she wanted to take that opportunity to know my accent.

" Oh! You are Singaporean! It's so nice to see someone from my homeland here!"

I wore that puzzled look on her face and tried to deduce if she was a student. Apparently she was. Calling herself Wendy, she said that her husband moved over to Sydney due to an overseas posting and she will be staying here for about two years. So after quitting her full time job as an accountant, she decided to busy herself with a pursuit of a social linguistic postgraduate degree.

Anyway, I had a good flight and being the cheapskate me, I decided to upgrade myself to 'first class'. I tell you guys should take this 'first class' seat. That is the seat next to the emergency exit. Due to the fact that they cannot put anything near there, the leg space is incredible similar to that of the business class seat. So haha, I had a wonderful flight.

After the orientation, I had a look around the school, busied myself with the opening of my bank, internet connection and walked through the areas surrounding the school. I have said it many times and I will say it again. This place looks bloody like China. The amount of Asian students here are incredible. It makes the caucasian look like the minority. And this amount of Asians are just a prelude to what to expect in the city around.

Everywhere I went, I saw shops run by Asians. There was this convinence store I walked in and two Chinese were manning it. The Lan Shop to play games as well was manned by a Chinese guy. Korean serials are aplenty. I just ate Korean spicy pork dinner with rice for dinner.

Yeah, everyone I bum into are Asians. Incredible.

Alright, this is the life of my life in Australia so far. Ha, first day, classes start next week and I think it will be fun. Alright tag me. Will be hoping to see you guys online.

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