Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Thinking Of Someone

Missing someone is probably one of love's greatest hurt. Always thinking of the person, always praying that the person will magically appear by your side and always hoping that the person is thinking of you as well. Missing someone is such a chore and memories of it are always more than the ones spent with the loved one. This is because the happy times spent with your loved one will forever be short, while the time spent apart from each other will forever be long and painful.

When you miss someone, you will always speculate. You speculate that the person does not want to see you anymore, you speculate if you will ever see the person again and more importantly you speculate if your affection and your love will be reciprocated.

And when the two lovers meet, there is always the speechless moment. The awkwardness that engulfs the happiness beneath. The want to hug each other there and then but yet unsure if the other party wants to do the exact same thing.

Then the painful separation. The teary goodbye as you hold on to your lover's hand one last time. The impending arrival of the process of missing someone again fills your heart. You cannot bear to leave, you want to spent more time with the person and you want to hold he or she one last time. The final hug before a lengthy separation.

The journey back is filled with memories. The memories of the first hug, the passionate kiss and the final goodbye. The tears well up. Missing someone becomes so difficult again as your body deals with this see-saw period of emotions.

Yet missing someone has it's benefits. The time apart makes you yearn for your lover. Knowing that your time together is short, time will be well spent.

Every SMS or email recieve will be treasured and undeleted from the inbox. Till the inbox is full, the agonizing decision of finding the worst message amongst the best to delete is finally made. Yet with such reluctance. The message from the lover is read over and over before being moved into the bin. A sense of regret ensues.

You sit there and make a pact with yourself that you will never ever quarrel with your lover. Missing someone does have it's benefits. It makes you treasure the little things in life. In contrast to the daily meet ups, word exchanges often go by unacknowledged, smses deleted without a second thought and misunderstandings ever so frequent. Emails? There is never a need for it.

So for those of you that see you lover everyday, learn to treasure the time together and count your blessings. There are millions out there apart from their loved ones and missing them everyday.

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