Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Resounding Victory

AND the PAP has won resoundingly again. 82 out of 84 seats. *clap clap*

Now we can look forward to 5 more good years of prosperity, jobs and peace where we citizens can just seat back and watch the world go by because we have voted in a good team that will do everything for the country. They will deal with every single problem that you have. No girlfriend? Go find your MP. No job? go find your MP. Bird Flu coming to Singapore? Trust the PAP to deal with it effectively. There is no way the bird flu is even anywhere near Singapore. Not when the PAP is in power because they will crush the virus and even if the whole of South East Asia is infected with it, Singapore would be the last man standing. Free from Bird Flu.

Singaporeans have wisely chose to stay together with the PAP and allow them to move Singapore ahead. What for oppose such a lean fighting machine? I think we are just wasting our time clamouring for alternative voices in parliament. These alternative voices are not going to be better than what the PAP dictates anyway.

Staying together. Moving ahead.

That is what all of us should do. Say no to opposition or keep them at minimal because these people will just destroy the harmony of togetherness and prevent Singapore from moving ahead with their crappy alternative views. PAP knows best. No other party knows any better. So Singaporeans have shown in their votes as well.

Come on! A one party rule is good also as long as they do the right thing for the country and not screw it up big time. I mean how can we trust a opposition that can't even fill in a form properly? PAP is the best! No glitches and no fuss. Just follow what they say and Singapore would be prosperous forever. Don't we all want that? Then stop opposing! And live a life of bliss, knowing full well that the PAP will take care of everything.

Read the newspapers and watch the local news networks carefully as well because they do what is best for Singaporeans. They don't exaggerate opposition views, because their views are all 'time bombs' that will blow up this little nation. Give them your fullest support because their news are the best with unbias reporting on the PAP victory. I mean who would want to see an opposition leader speak about trouncing a PAP candidate? That is bad news for the nation because some fractions of the population are not on the PAP side! Like that how to stay together and move ahead? No, the local news networks cannot cover that. Look up to them as a saviour and protector of the Singaporean citizen from unsavoury news. After all, we don't want to see scenes of disharmony right? Singaporeans are only used to seeing scenes of jubilation and prosperity. And that means you have to see more of PAP!

PAP is our government and our government is PAP. Citizens of Hougang and Potong Pasir watch out. Note how I use the world citizen because you people are living on a separate entity! You people reject staying together and moving ahead! You people chose to live the life of uncharted waters! So don't expect the 180 million dollars in upgrades to come your way soon. You chose it. You people chose not to stay together with the PAP. Now the rest of Singapore will move ahead. And you guys will just have to depend on your opposition leaders to save you from moving backwards.

See how kind and benevolent the PAP government is. Knowing that the opposition cannot win seats, they created a special constituition that allows opposition candidates to get into the parliament for free!! No sweat and no tears. You don't even have to campaign! The NCMP will allow you to simply walk into the parliament and voice your opposition views. Shame on Low and Chaim who worked so hard. There are 3 seats waiting for you guys there anyway. Why bother to campaign? Just let nature take it's course.

So thank you! Every 66.6% of you who voted for the PAP. Such a benevolent government is hard to find. Not only do they take care of all your daily needs, they even throw in free seats for cynics as well! Such a good government where to find! Vote for them got money to take and still got free gift for the opposition! All 66.6% of you are heroes! Thanks again for letting Singapore continue to be such a lovely place!

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