Wednesday, May 24, 2006

10 Ways to know that you are 21

  • When you walk along Orchard Cineleisure and wonder to yourself if this is a playground or a shopping mall
  • When you follow a pretty girl with flowing brown hair and painted nails, only to discover that she is born in 1989 when she drops her IC.
  • When you sit down and admire the total number of footballers that have been called up at the age of 17 to play for England. 3 to be exact. Michael Owen, Wayne Rooney and Theo Walcott. And you have seen all of them play since the day they were called up.
  • When you find that Theo Walcott girlfriend is so darn pretty but only 17.
  • When you see two JC kids tonguing each other like crazy at the back of the bus and you go tsk tsk.. Kids nowadays.
  • When the cinema attendant don't bother to check your IC when you enter a cinema to watch a R21 show.
  • When you openly air your opinions on national issues through putting a cross on a slip of paper
  • When you can sign your brother's consent form as a legal guardian.
  • When you see the girls of your cohort having left a year before they graduate and you just finish your '2 year sabbatical' in the jungle.
  • When you take 2006 minus your year of birth and it is 21.

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