Friday, April 21, 2006

An Open Letter To MM Lee

Dear Mr Lee Kuan Yew,

For all these years since the independence of Singapore, your job and vision for this city state has been extraordinary to say the least. In 40 years, you have turned Singapore from a fishing village to a modern First World country. Your political ideology, vision and believes have got us so far. You have created a society that is affluent and capable, people that are educated and mobile and icons that can be really deemed as World Class.

Without your passion and drive, Singapore would be just another country that is mired in corruption and mediocrity. We would still be part of Malaysia where our citizens would not be as priviledged. The citizens would not have adopted your drive and your vision to create a niche for themselves. We would not be so educated. If not for your foresight, we would not have been educated in English and we would now have troubles dealing with the foreign partners.

Mr Lee, you have always thought one step ahead for Singapore. You always believe that status quo is insufficent. You believe in the need to strive for greater heights and these are reflected in your party philosophy. New and capable faces are always introduced into the fray every election to give the very best for Singapore. The country needs to be run the way it has always been. A certain set of decorum must be imposed and followed religiously to ensure a progressive nation.

Our country is small and Singaporeans don't have a wide land mass to call themselves home. We cannot return to the jungles to grow tapioca for a living. We depend on people to survive and thrive. A correct vision that utilizes the people to its fullest is needed. And that you have succeeded. You need the citizens to be on your side in order for these visions to be carried out.

Democracy is secondary in the political process of the nation. Yet you have allowed political alternatives. The onus is for the opposition to prove that they can do a better job than you. Something which till today, they haven't. As long as the people of Singapore believe in what you do is right for the country, your party will always be in power to continue to lead this country forward; to create more wealth and to attract the very best.

Mr Lee, I hope your philosophy is carried out for years to come and for the many generations to follow. The people must know that Singapore is not any country. It is a special and unique entity that thrives with limited democracy. One wrong step would be disasterous and the wealth of the people would be robbed. The youths would not be able to hang out and be politically apathetic anymore. It is only when our stomachs are filled, can we then complain.

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