Monday, April 17, 2006

' I LOVE YOU' Too Hard To Say?

There are somethings in life that are so simple yet so difficult to carry out. Like saying ' I love you'. Three bloody words and it takes so much courage and so much effort to mouth it out to some one that is dear to you. What's the hinderance? The reaction of the person? The awkwardness of yourself saying it? Or the questions that must be before it?

Before ' I love you' , it is usually 'can we go out?', ' can we get together this weekend?' ' are you free today'. The feared answers would be ' no i am not free', 'sorry something on!', ' i am very busy today', ' got dance the whole day, cant meet u sorry'.

I wonder where they get those rejection lines from. I myself would come out with something more classic like ' sorry, I like your intention of an outing but I am really too occupied with my other half' . One classic suckerpunch sentence that will not get you a reply forever. A more direct approach would be ' I really am not interested in going out with you because you really stink and you tried to rape me the previous time'.

Anyway, back to my point. The three words take an eternity to come out because the person always look for signs. Signs of love, signs of attraction and signs of acceptance. Who wants to fall flat on his face when he says those three words anyway? Thats why there are always consultations, consultations and more consultations because one is never too sure. Then there would be endless speculation from the diverse opinions of consultations.

Like, ' She likes you la'. ' Aiyo, she may be leading you on'. ' Eh, just tell her can you, dont be a wuss'. ' Eh steady leh, where's your balls?' A sane person can be insane sometimes. Yet amid all this bullshit, he has to be decisive and carry out an option that he believes would be entirely worthy of his time. Every opinion he listens to gives him mixed signals and confuses him further. So is ' I love you' really the way to go? Or am I going to get a red cheek from a tight slap?

Psychologist have said that the inner fear of an individual is always his biggest fear. No one can instill more confidence in a task than yourself but no one can successfully overcome this obstacle time and time again. In life there would bound to be task that is just simply too hard to achieve and we need a pillar of strength to guide us to a decision.

' I love you' is the simplest of words. Three words, 8 letters in all, probably 1 sec to finish the sentence and still the world's hardest phrase to say. You have to say it when you have a girlfriend, you have to say it to your wife, you have to say it to your kids and you have to say it to your parents. But there is always that taciturn side that fails you. That curbs your emotive expression.

'I love you' is a powerful yet simple phrase. Three words that needs a magnitude of courage. Such is the reality of life.

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