Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The sex tape furore that was created over the past few weeks have left much controversy and nothing solved. Teens urged for understanding from the older generation and explained vividly that such a promiscous lifestyle is now deemed acceptable in the society today. On the other hand, the older generation questioned the morality of the young and their principles regarding basic decency and shame. No matter which side one is on, it all boils down to one word and that is- morality.

So what is percieved as good morals or bad morals? How has this definition of the word evolved throughout societal changes? The young and old seem to have different definitions to this word and each are seeking for a clear definition that can be agreed upon by both sides. Depending on which era you were born, it would affect how you see this word called morality.

In the past where technology was scarce, the primary concern was to put food on the table, work hard under the unforgiving sun and get married through parental recommendation and consent. Now, the people are free to choose who they want to be with and even to the extent of which sexual orientation you want to date. We are no longer living in a world that is enclosed and bordered, thanks to a rampant widespread of wireless communication and internet.

Technology has made us change our morals. It has changed the way we look at things and how we deal with things that we percieve as immoral. In the past, all forms of sexual activity was done within the closure of bedrooms. That was how is should be done and the only way that society percieve as how is should be done. Today, the closure of these bedrooms are torn viciously apart for the public eye with the use of technology. It is not that sexual activity is taking place outside bedrooms(although there are exceptions), it is technology that is bringing the action from bedrooms to people's homes for their viewing pleasure.

All we have to do today is to click a few buttons and sex would be readily available and to our face. And due to the demand created from this convienence, the suppliers have became more bold, more daring and more outlandish in their buffet of porn. A sex scandal by a horny teenager is thus deemed acceptable as there are even more raunchy content out there.

Has this buffet of porn created a more promiscous society? Yes and no. Yes because with so much material for 'reference', people nowadays can now adopt, follow and publish. No because, technology is just a medium for a sexually repressed society. It was due to the lack of technology in the past that has made society more repressed and conservative to sexual activity. But can we deny that such sexual wants and thoughts do not exist in the past? The animal instinct in us has not changed. Only technology has. And now, it is so much easier to satisfy that inner desire than it was in the past. And that is a key change for definition of morality.

The element that defines humans from animals is that we have a mind for morality. We percieve sexual acts as something that can only be done in private and away from the roving public eye. Yet, when Discovery Channel blatantly shows mating between animals on prime time television, nothing is being said. The fact that humans need to mate and sex is nature and not nurtured means that at times morality must be set aside on the basis of defining whether sexual acts amongst humans, whether young or old, is right or wrong.

The girl that had her tape beemed to probably a million households now did nothing wrong on her part. She was satisfying her inner desire for something that God has given to us as a process for recreation. She is human after all. She only added spice to her activity with a camera. To question her moral values of human decency is to be a hypocrite as she is not blatantly or deliberately displaying her private moments for public viewing. The fact that these people can comment about her morality means that they have already viewed it. And if they have seen it, who are they to question morals? As society evolve, morality would be a complex issue to deal with in time to come. And if opinions are filled with hypocrisy, then it would not help to dissect the complexity of this eight letter word.

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