Thursday, November 24, 2005

Heya Mates,
I am in Australia now. Melbourne specifically. So not sure how many of you out there who actually read my blog would bother to know about this but anyway, it's been a great time out here in the city. Into my third day now and it has been an eventful one.
Visited the Great Ocean Road today and would post the pictures once I get back to Singapore or if I can find a computer that can upload photos here. Really nice place and if any of you guys who have visited it before would testify and agree with me. The guide was a really nice guy and he had no qualms bout taking a picture with me.
This is just a general update of my life here so far. Met my friend on the first day and he and his girlfriend brought us around to visit the city. We had some great tasting lamb skank and ate ice cream to top it all off. A hell of a breeze that almost froze me to death welcomed me on the first night and it was lucky that I had my long sleeve shirt on. I am sure my friend is enjoying himself here. By the look of his face and the enjoyment and fun that he is having.
The Crown Casino was great and the entertainment both inside and outside was fabulous. On the whole the surrounding area looks suspiciously like the stretch of road just outside esplande and the One Fullerton hotel but it was the flames that were spewing out from the chambers evey hour that set this place apart.
The flames rockets into the skies every hour of the day and provides a great spectacle for all the people who are around watching. I got a few pictures and it is hard to describe the beauty of it unless one has actually seen it for himself. I am sure all those people who have came to Melbourne before would have seen it and agree with me that it was really a nice sight.
The flip side of this place is everything is in such big portions especially the food. The fish and chips here are devastatingly huge and worse the restaurants do not have any sauce to go with it. I cant finish the portion and the lack of sauce makes it even worse. Another thing here is the food here gets alot of getting use to. For people in Singapore who have been relying on chinese food to get over their hunger, it would be hard to find good chinese food here. The duck noodles at the supposedly 'best' chinese restaurant is no match for even our $2 wantan noodles in the hawker center.
Overall, the environment and the atmosphere here is superb and it really is giving me the impetus to come over here in the future to stay a year or two. A very nice place especially those small towns that are in the suburbs of Melbourne. It really reminds me of those small towns in those American shows. Nice, clean and cosy with alot of friendly people who know each other. Heck there even is a community paper that reports about the happenings in just that small town. The people there are really blessed.
Alright, will update again when the time is right. I love this place.


Anonymous said...

if u think taht australia is a great city, obviously cos u haven't been to the real GREAT cities of the world yet. which loser thinks that australia is great? except those that study there

Anonymous said...

lol. anyways, sorry that u feel that i am a terrible friend.