Sunday, May 15, 2005

I passed my driving. I passed it about 2 weeks ago. I passed it on my first try too. I am not trying to be a showboat. I think I cheated the bloody Traffic Police. That old man was fooled. Because two weeks after I passed, I still cannot park my car without poles.
Haha, You all may laugh. What a loser. Yes, I hold up traffic when I park. I keep turning my steering wheel but it seems that my car is always going to knock the other car. You see, learning how to drive and driving is a very different proposition. In school, you put two poles there and turn the steering one round and then two rounds and your car is in the slot. In the public, you turn one round and then two rounds, your car has kissed the pillar.
I don't know. I suck ass. That is why I think I have cheated the bloody old man beside me.

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