Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Dear Weilun,
HELLO! how are you? I hope you are fine.. I am fine outside. You know dear, I really miss you. Don't think so much ok, you will be out soon. When you come out, I will organize a big BBQ party for you! I know you are very lonely inside there. You do not know how much I miss you out here.Pity you cannot tell me what you are doing inside. Ah bee is ok, he going to patch with his gf liao, I dunno them la, everytime fight liao then patch. Ah li leh, she is good lor, found herself a bf liao. 369 also got new head.
I really miss you dear, every moment I think about you my heart ache. Evey minute that you spend inside there I shed a tear. I very sad wor. Now I only left with lian. Ah bee kena SSB case liao . She also cry everyday. Ah wei, you are the only one I have. When the MP come to our house that day, I know they were going to take you away. You still manage to be brave and fight them. I fell and they caught you. I am so sorry dear, it was all my fault. You are inside because of me. What have I done? I will not wear high heels again. I now not on K liao I going to do coke. Lian still on K. Ah bee intro her one. I will visit you one ok? The precious half an hour I have with you every month will forever be etched in my memory.
Dear ah, dont worry so much. I will take care of myself. You just serve and come out ok? Then we will all go and have a good time together again. Miss you my baby.. Muack...
Your dearest Jenny.
*This letter is an uncensored version which is addressed to a detainee in our DB. He is currently doing time for drug abuse and assault of military policeman. All names are fictional.

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