Monday, September 13, 2004

Ever since the National Day Rally by our new PM, the most talked about topic was that of the policy on five day week. I am not entirely sure why the public actually started debating about this "free gift" but anyhow, I was perturbed to hear that there were actually voices of dissent when this policy was implemented.
With the amount of free time I have, I have been following the arguments closely. I have seen opinions from the press, friends and bosses. Most agree that this was one of the best moves ever made by the government however for the small minority, they have not responded likewise.
The worse that I have heard are from some school students who insist that the five day work week works against their favour. Now, I don't really get this point.
When students complain about more homework, more projects and longer hours in school, I would understand and sympathize. But to complain about a shorter school week?
I had always insisted that the batch after me were a batch of good fortune. All the goodies were aim at them. For us it was the "almost there but far from there" feeling. Those folks in school now not only have a five day week, the guys that are about to enlist in the army when the school term end also need only to serve two years of national service. Imagine that, I was born a year later but serve a longer term than those who have the same education level as me. But I digress.
The students that are complaining a moaning just do not know what there are doing. When I was in school, I dreaded CCA or extra lessons on saturdays. After all when you walk out of the school gate on friday afternoon, the only thing in your mind is the place where you would bring your girlfriend to on saturday. Who cared about studies on weekends?
The CCA is also a spoiler. With more than half the day taken up by unneccessary bonding and activities, I would rather spend the time more wisely on doing something useful.
This unfortunate incident only highlights how much Singaporeans love to complain. It is a fact that our lives are too comfortable and thus we can sit back relax and type forum letters to the newspapers. Imagine if we had to fight for our survival. Some people have lives that are literally in the war zone. We Singaporeans are only good in caring for ourselves. We complain when there are no "goodies", we complain when things do not go our way like increase in prices of goods, services and durables, we complain even when there are domestic helpers that are willing to brave the unknown and work for our snobbish employers who regard them as nothing more than slaves.
The five day work week is just another issue that the government has devise to appease the complain kings and queens of Singapore. On the other hand, this policy could also(hopefully) make more babies for Singapore. We should learn to accept instead of finding hard for flaws in the policy to complain. Sometimes, not everything is handed over on a silver platter but when they are, I would definately grab it with both hands

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