Saturday, February 07, 2004

As I am writing this, I have just recovered from the after effects of laughing too hard at the American Idol contestant, William Hung. In case if you think that I am laughing in that sacarstic sort of way, let me assure you that I am not.
For those of you busy working souls out there, there is a possibility that you have missed the best American Idol audition so far in the entire series. Don't fret, there is a whole website dedicated to him and you can find all sorts of videos and remix of his now infamous rendition of Ricky Martin's "She Bangs". William Hung
Talking about banging, he really created a bang with his absolutely hilarious version of the Ricky Martin hit. I was up watching the American Idol and as usual trying to get a glimpse of all those horrible and egoistic singers. I mean, these are the people that make the show interesting, not all those potential Kelly Clarksons and Rubben Studdards.
The pleasure begins with a horrible audition and later the reaction from the judges( especially Simon), the reaction of the singer and the action that follows. True to this process, the latest installment of the American Idol did not disappoint. There was even a guy who threw water onto Simon's face after he was criticised for his horrendous singing.
But, the best of the worst surely belonged to only one guy, William Hung. Not to be overly offensive, I would say the first impression to almost everyone was that he was some nerd with a possiblity of suffering from Down Syndrome. However, he was a university student from California. His sure audacity to try out for the American Idol when he has neither looks nor any of the requisite singing and dancing ability just shows how a brave young man he is.
To say the very least, he is an innocent man who should strongly believe that all humans are equal and nevertheless share the equal opportunity in becoming famous. Such innocence and confidence really deserve some credit. He was never arrogant in his audition and accepted his criticism willingly.
So after laughing really hard at his audition, let us reflect on how much we have based our laughter just on his outward appearance. Indeed, William has an awful shell but beneath it lies a spirit that is brave, strong, confident and best of all, untouched by the complexities of human judgement.

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