Monday, October 13, 2003

You know I intended to start off today's entry talking about the fantastic graduation day that just took place on Friday. However, something occured to me during the weekend that put me off any joyous celebration. Another reason why I will not write about the graduation day is because I expect all those people who own a blog from my JC to write to exact same thing too. Ok you must be wondering what happened to me during the weekend which puts me in such a foul mood. If Mandy has not told you all the whole story yet, this is my account.
On Saturday, I so happen to be with my friends at the Esplanade. Feeling restless and with a heart full of problems, we decided to go out to take a walk along the Marina Promenade. We saw one legged pigeons(I will explain this later) and expatriates taking a jog.
To cut a long story short, Mandy decided to make a stupid remark on the way this expatriate was running. Anybody would have burst out in fits of laughter upon hearing it. What made it worse was the fact that Senthil decided to amplify the rhetorical question to within his earshot.
What followed was a series of that man looking back in confusion, me tumbling forward in laughter and before I knew it I lost my balance and stretched out for a railing nearby to regain balance.
Horrors upon horrors, the railing which I had just decided to break my fall on was loose and gave way under my weight. I collasped forward half expecting to plunge into the murky sea before desperately trying to grab hold of anything to prevent me from falling over.
I was shocked. Any form of laughter was gone and I stood there reflecting on my close encounter with death. I had just cheated death.
The next step was to find something to blame. I looked all around and found the other rails loose as well. Some had already given way. Now this is absurd. I could have died and considering how many people frequents that place, it would not be long before someone else falls into that sea. You just won't know which railing is loose.
Being a responsible blogger, I decided to warn all citizens and denizens, lovers especially, that Marina Promenade is just not a safe place to go. Imagine bringing your girlfriend there and leaning her onto the railings for a romantic kiss. Before you know it that may be the last time you are holding on to her. So much for transforming that place into a vibrant night scene. If the relevant authorities do not sort it out soon, it would be a vibrant saving-people-from-drowning scene.
Lastly, I do want to add that pigeons do rest on one leg. I confirmed that fact after much humiliation from my family. This was how the conversation went.
Me: Pigeons stand with one leg ah?
Mum, brother, father(all at once):Yah la! they rest with one leg wat you don't know meh?
Me: I am not the only one.
Mum: Ya la, arts student are dumb. My K1 class know this fact liao leh. In fact I recently tested
Me: Is it?
Father: You should get out for more educational trips and not waste your time hanging out at
malls. By the way, since you learn little when you go out, I shall ground you till after
your As.
Now this pigeon fiasco is getting out of hand.

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