Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Remember 5th July 1914? No? History students would. The irony is history students has learnt nothing from this incident and till today, (lets not go to politics amongst countries) we can't even solve our minor bickering. In case you are not a history student or a history student who is just too inept in the subject to remember this significant date, let me tell you that this is the day where Germany issued the 'blank cheque' to their ally Austria-Hungary. This kicked off the Great War which eventually claimed millions of lives because every single major European power took sides in opposing camps. What started off as a small dispute between Balkan nations ended up in a major war.
Why you may ask am I rambling on with this historical details? I intented not to join this fracas. Circumstances forced me to this Manda-Dot dispute where I am now caught in the cross-fire. Come on doesn't the causes of World War 1 have a uncanny resemblance in this Manda-Dot dispute? This is a dispute that happened over lunch in a small restaurant in Serangoon where passing comments were soon blown out of proportion. Yes, the comments were insignificant and made just to spice up this class reunion. Comments were made impromptu and I am sure Dot and her friend had no malicious intent when they made this remarks about Manda.
What to them is just a mere remark is not so to the victim. Manda treated it as something spiteful and was hurt by the comments. Now you must be pointing your fingers at me claiming that I was the 'roving reporter' who 'sexed up' this so-called dossier. It was a betrayal of trust, you say and totally oblivious of the dire consequences that would follow once this supposed open secret about Manda was revealed.
Let me get this clear. Like the people(actually the two gals in the Dot camp), who do not intend to hurt Manda with their comments, I do not wish to 'sex up' this incident too. Manda is my friend and so are the two gals in the Dot camp. Why on earth would I want to sex it up?!
I mean their comments about Manda never really created a stir in my emotions when we were at the restaurant. It was just pure bitching that gals love to indulge in! So using this theory that gals love bitching(which is true ok, Dot camp said 'all women are secret enemies'), I told Manda that she was the subject of some non-malicious bitching that took place at the restaurant. She PLEADED with me to reveal the details to her. Note the word PLEAD because sexing up this incident on my part does not require pleading from Manda. I would have announced it on National TV if I wanted to sex it up.
After much pleading, I decided I shall just disclose certain parts of the conversation that took place on that fateful friday. "Third party", "female version of Amos", "Bimbo" did not come out from my mouth. I was stating every bit of facts. Doubt me? You want the truth right? This is the truth and anybody from Dot camp cannot deny this. This words made it's rounds on our table.
I had no intention as well to drag Dot's friend(she knows who she is) into this fracas. There was no need for her to write a Thesis to defend her friend because that would have been perfectly redundant. Thus, she went from complete innocence to complete guilt. She had just unknowingly perpetuate this problem. To use an anology, she just added bricks to a sinking sampan.
Knowing the whole picture now, would you still think that this incident is "sexed up"? Now who is sexing this whole thing up? People who for these two years have bottled up their feelings and hatred for each other or yours truly? For these two years certain groups of people have not been able to see eye to eye. Without knowing the complete details, some of them have went on to make stupid comments that consist more of their own opinion of that certain person they dislike instead of the incident itself. Now is their chance to create a brouhaha over this incident. They cleverly took sides in this minor dispute to air their greviances about each other. Some joined the Manda camp and some joined Dot's camp. Which ever side you are on, let me tell you this: YOU ARE EXPLOITING THIS SMALL INCIDENT TO CREATE A LARGESCALE WAR WHICH WOULD EVENTUALLY INVOLVE THE WHOLE OF THE LIT CLASS
Just like Germany in World War 1, some people are just waiting for an opportunity to create animosity. They issue 'blank cheque' of support, write thesis, post comments on Manda's blogs, and chastise the 'roving reporters' (because they dislike them from the start too). The Cold War has given in to a bloodied war now and I have decided to join in with a two-footed challenge as well.
What lessons have I learnt from this? I have realized that somethings said to me(especially bitching between gals) should be taken to my grave. What lessons should the various cronies of both Manda and Dot learn? Never exploit a small incident which started out as a dispute between two ACQUIANTANCE to voice your greviances. Remove the facade and express your displeasure to the person's face. Problems can be sorted out when spoken face to face. By keeping it in your heart and jumping on the first opportunity to create war with someone that you don't like is not the way to go. I still want to be friends with Dot and her friends. Stop this war. Let's not do anymore colleteral damage.

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