Wednesday, September 10, 2003

In line with my discussion on censorship on monday, a friend of mine started expressing his thoughts and feelings on it as well and urge me into a conversation. He asked me to express my views and soon with his brilliant oratic ability, he forced my views on women, music and the magazines that i hope would be legalized when this whole censorship thing is implemented. I promised that I will share the views with everyone, so here goes.

Ok, I was asked who the hell I felt was the most beautiful women in Singapore. I have three actually. They are all Singaporean actresses. The first is Lu Rui En, the second is Jacelyn Tay and the last is Deborah Sim. Rui En, if u people watch Chemistry, you would know who I am talking about. She is virtually the only one that keeps the whole show watchable. I mean the series is so lame that it makes the show "Hot Chick" looks good. I watch Chemistry with my mind in the drawer and my eyes glued to the scenes that Rui En would appear. I mean, look at her eyes, her smile, her everything. When I saw her I was like "Wow!, there is hope for Singapore tv industry!" She has since went on to Taiwan to do some kissing scene with Jay Chou.

The next would be the babelicious Jacelyn Tay. When I saw her, I thought she should be the Queen of Singapore Television instead of some man-like voice actress by the name of Zoe Tay. If you happen not to know, the both of them are not related in anyway even if they share the same surname. Amen to that. To show you the extent on how I beautiful I find her, I shall draw a personal example. A girl I knew once asked me if Jaceyln Tay was to stand beside her who would I kiss? I told her the obvious and that girl never talked to me again. You see even girls feel intimidated by her good looks. I mean what were the chances of me getting to kiss her? This shows the extent of her influence.

The last one is Deborah Sim. If you want a really sultry picture of her, I suggest go grab the latest issue of Singapore Fhm now. Not that there are many left anyway because I just bought countless copies of it and laid my whole bedroom with her pictures. I thought Singapore Fhm suddenly employed a more creative marketing executive who realized that their magazine is lacking beautiful women and is thus not selling. The magazine in Singapore is really that bad. But by getting Deborah on it I am sure they manage to get one more buyer(me). Anyway, she is really good-looking although not in the league of Jaceyln Tay.

Seeing that what I have just done was to write about my fantasies on these women and noting that my site does not advocate the idea of exploiting women, I shall move on to music. Some say leh, some say lah but I think PCK's Sarvivor Rap was not bad. But seriously speaking, I always love Matchbox 20. Rob Thomas is a gem. I liked him ever since he performed alongside Santana. Besides trying to sound like him in the bathroom, I think that their new song "Unwell" is brilliant. When are they coming to Singapore?

Moving on to magazines, I think "Cosmopolitan" is heading to Singapore next week for the first time since 1982! I wonder if that means other magazines with similar content can make their way in too. Seriously speaking, I can't give two hoots if the magazine does not have football or tennis in it. All the Fhm, Cosmopolitan and whatever not can be found on the web along with if you like. So there isn't any big deal to see that it is now legalized in Singapore

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